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FireDepending on their severity, burns can be mild injuries or life-threatening medical emergencies. They can be caused by heat, fire, chemicals, electricity, sunlight, or radiation.

According to the American Burn Association, 486,000 people receive medical treatment for burn injuries in hospitals and emergency rooms every year in the U.S. Of those 486,000 people, an estimated 40,000 are hospitalized because of their injuries.

Severe burns may require treatment at a specialized burn center, which may include skin grafts to cover large areas or to minimize scarring from deep burn wounds. Patients may also need physical therapy after serious burn injuries. The Chicago burn injury lawyers of Sexner Injury Lawyers LLC can help burn accident victims seek the compensation they deserve for the treatment they need. Contact us at (312) 243-9922 for a free consultation.

Legal Help for Burn Injury Victims in Chicago

Burns are among the most debilitating and painful injuries possible. If you or your loved one has been seriously burned as the result of another party’s negligence, it is in your best interests to speak with a knowledgeable Chicago burn injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Our personal injury attorneys at Sexner Injury Lawyers LLC have been fighting for the rights of injury victims since 1990. We focus on providing superior legal services to every client we represent, and upon aggressively pursuing the best possible results. We are proud of our successful track record and invite you to view our verdicts & settlements to review some of our case results.

Burn Injuries: Degrees of Severity

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), burns can cause blistering, swelling, and scarring, and in the most severe cases, shock and even death. Burns damage the skin’s protective barrier and lead to infections. Treatment varies depending on what caused the burn, how large an area of the body it covers, and how deep the damage extends, which are classified according to degree:

  • First Degree Burns: Only the outer layer of the skin is damaged.
  • Second Degree Burns: Both the outer layer of skin and the layer underneath are damaged.
  • Third Degree Burns: The deepest layer of skin and the tissues beneath or either seriously damaged or destroyed.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Different types of accidents cause burns. According to American Burn Association statistics, the most common causes of burn injuries break down as:

  • Fire or flame (as in building fires): 43%
  • Scalding accidents: 34%
  • Thermal burns (contact with hot objects): 9%
  • Electrical burns: 4%
  • Chemical burns: 3%
  • Other causes: 7%

As stated by the Mayo Clinic, severe burns can have serious complications, including infection, scarring, low blood volume, breathing problems, bone and joint problems, and dangerously low body temperature. If another party’s negligence caused you or your loved one to suffer debilitating burn injuries, you have a right to pursue financial compensation for all losses, both economic and non-economic, including pain and suffering or loss of quality of life.

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