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Birth InjuryBirth injuries devastate families. Months after the birth of a child, symptoms from a birth injury can appear, leaving parents struggling to understand what happened. Parents may soon realize that something is wrong and may suspect that a medical error during childbirth led to their child’s condition. This is can be far beyond frightening and far beyond overwhelming. When this happens, it may also be considered medical malpractice and demand representation from the best birth injury attorneys in Chicago.

There are many types of birth injuries and different symptoms may suggest a variety of ailments. Even with the help of medical professionals, a child may initially be misdiagnosed. Even worse, the details of any medical malpractice due to physician error may be hidden. All too often, parents are left struggling to understand the cause of perplexing and persistent symptoms in their child.

Types of Birth Injuries

Common types of birth injuries include:

Many birth injuries are permanent and require additional care far beyond what most families are capable of providing. It’s estimated that 28,000 birth injuries occur each year in the United States. While advanced medical care has proven helpful in reducing risk factors and the rate of these injuries, they haven’t eliminated such events entirely.

Families faced with their child’s lifelong and debilitating impairment are likely to struggle. The medical costs alone can leave a family financially ruined, and the emotional anguish and stress can make the situation even more difficult. These are all reasons to contact birth injury attorneys in Chicago now. We are on your side and will fight for you.

Whether a child has cerebral palsy, caput succedaneum, nerve damage, bone injuries from the use of forceps, or has brain damage due to a birth injury, families facing a medical and financial crisis often need legal advice and assistance. We take this personally at Sexner Injury Lawyers LLC. We can help both your child and your family receive the compensation you deserve. If your family, or someone you know, is dealing with this issue, contact our experienced team of birth injury lawyers in Chicago now at (312) 243-9922 for a free consultation.

Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is a form of paralysis that occurs in the arm. It’s caused by nerve damage to the group of nerves in the upper arm, including part of the brachial plexus. Erb’s palsy is often caused by a difficult birth process and damage to the arm while the child is moving through the birth canal. Although the cause is often this sort of birth trauma, make no mistake – erb’s palsy is very often a case of medical malpractice. Contact our Chicago birth injury law firm today for a complimentary review to learn if you have a case.

Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia is when the birth process is obstructed, and the child has trouble passing through the birth canal. The child’s shoulder is unable pass through the canal even after their head has emerged. Shoulder dystocia can be fatal, although this is not always the case.

Perinatal Asphyxiation

Perinatal asphyxiation can prevent a baby from receiving an adequate amount of oxygen for a short time, either during or after birth. The longer the child goes without oxygen, the more serious the brain damage will be. This lack of oxygen can also cause extensive damage to other organs and tissues that depend on oxygen to properly function. When doctors do not monitor the vital signs of a newborn properly, the possibility of perinatal asphyxiation significantly increases. Make no mistake, this is medical malpractice. Consult an experienced birth injury law firm in Chicago to learn your options.

Intracranial Hemorrhaging

When bleeding occurs inside of a patient’s skull, the patient is said to be suffering from intracranial hemorrhaging. If the brain is injured during childbirth, blood will pool inside the skull, and if the bleeding is not stopped immediately, death or permanent brain damage can occur. The longer the blood remains inside the skull, the more pressure will build and lower oxygen levels. Intracranial hemorrhages also cause nerves and brain cells to die, lowering the child’s level of mental and physical functioning in the future, and possibly leading to nerve damage.

Caput Succedaneum

Caput succedaneum is a condition where the child bleeds internally below their scalp. It isn’t considered “traditional” internal bleeding, because blood pools above the membrane that covers the scalp (the periosteum). Caput succedaneum is caused by the child’s scalp being pressed against the cervix during the birth process. This can also lead to facial nerve damage, although that is relatively rare. Contact our Chicago birth injury lawyers today if you believe your child is suffering from caput succedaneum.

Brachial Palsy

Brachial palsy results from injuries to the brachial plexus. A group of nerves in the hands and arms, the brachial plexus is a structure that can easily be injured if physicians have difficulty delivering a newborn’s shoulder. This type of birth injury may also result in broken bones. Most infants recover from brachial palsy within a few months, but their arm may be permanently damaged if severe nerve damage has occurred. If this is the case, you should contact birth injury attorneys in Chicago immediately.


Cephalohematoma is a condition that causes bleeding below the cranial bones. It commonly results in a raised bump on the head of a newborn and potential facial nerve damage. The body often reabsorbs this blood over the course of a few months. If the cephalohematoma is severe, the newborn’s red blood vessels can deteriorate and cause jaundice. This type of birth trauma is serious.

Facial Paralysis

When an immense amount of pressure is placed on the newborn’s face during the birth process, facial nerves can be permanently damaged, resulting in paralysis. Newborns with this condition usually have difficulty closing their eyes and moving their face. This condition will usually improve in a month or less but can lead to permanent nerve damage in serious cases. Forceps often cause this injury, and if a nerve is completely torn, the newborn may need extensive surgery.

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