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Sleeping infantGastroschisis is a congenital birth defect affecting the infant’s abdominal wall. This condition results in an opening in the abdomen from which the baby’s intestines stick outside of the body, usually through a hole on the right side of the belly button. This hole may be large or small, and on occasion other organs such as the liver or stomach may also protrude. This birth defect is seen most often from young mothers and virtually never to mothers over 30 years old. Women who use tobacco or alcohol are also at greater risk.

Medical professionals can diagnose this condition while the fetus is small and undeveloped; if your child was born with this condition, it may be possible to file a lawsuit for a failure to diagnose. Contact us at (312) 243-9922 to speak with a Chicago gastroschisis lawyer.

Abnormalities Associated with Gastroschisis

This particular birth defect is usually isolated, so babies with gastroschisis rarely have other congenital conditions, abnormalities, or chromosome disorders. However, other gastrointestinal abnormalities are seen in less than half of those affected with gastroschisis:

  • A twisting of the bowel (volvulus),which may lead to a cut off of blood supply
  • Bowel not in the correction position (malrotation)
  • Cut off blood supply (infarction)
  • Blocked passage (atresia)

Medical Malpractice Claims Involving Gastroschisis

Just because gastroschisis is a congenital birth defect does not mean that doctor error is never part of the equation. On the contrary, in some circumstances medical malpractice can complicate the condition, leading to additional injury. In other circumstances, it may even contribute to the existence of the condition in the first place. When a doctor’s actions (or failures to act) lead to injury, then a negligence lawsuit may be an appropriate response.

In the context of gastroschisis, medical malpractice may take many forms. Here are a few:

  • Prescribing certain medications or drugs (especially antidepressants called SSRIs, such as Prozac and Zoloft) that have been linked to congenital birth defects.
  • Failing to advise the mother about how much fetal movement should be expected and contacting medical staff about decreased movement of the fetus.
  • Failing to perform ultrasounds properly, radiologist failing to interpret them properly, or failing to order follow-up diagnostic tests.
  • Negligently performing closure surgery after birth.

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An obstetrician/gynecologist should be able to properly diagnose gastroschisis with an ultrasound and confirm the diagnosis with other testing. In cases where a family believes that the doctor, hospital, or medical group has failed to properly diagnose a condition, contributed to the existence of the birth defect, or failed to properly treat the abnormality after birth, the experienced Chicago birth defect lawyers at Sexner Injury Lawyers LLC can offer free, no-obligation information. No fees apply unless successful and millions of dollars have already been collected for our clients. Call us anytime at (312) 243-9922.

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