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Kid holding dad's handMicrotia and Anotia are birth defects of a baby’s ear. Four types of Microtia exist, ranging in severity from Type 1 to Type 4. The mildest form of this condition is Type 1, which involves an ear that is normal in shape but just smaller. The most severe is Type 4 which is known as Anotia. In a Type 4 circumstance, the external visible structure of the ear (known as the auricle) is missing. Depending on the type of Microtia, the inner ear canal (external auditory meatus) may be abnormally narrow or missing entirely. Yet, despite the appearance of the ear, in most Microtia cases the internal ear structures remain intact.

Both Anotia and Microtia are associated with at least partial hearing loss, but usually not complete hearing loss as the internal ear structures often are still intact. Only a small handful of cases occur each year in every 10,000 births according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It is also unusual for a child to suffer this abnormality in both ears as approximately 80% of cases are unilateral (involve only one ear).

Ear defects have been linked to the prescription medication Zofran, which poses a risk when taken during the early months of pregnancy. The fertility drug Clomid and other drugs have also been linked to ear and other deformities. If your child was born with microtia or anotia, the Chicago birth defect attorneys of Sexner Injury Lawyers LLC may be able to help you. Contact us at (312) 243-9922 for a free consultation.

Risk Factors and Causes of Microtia and Anotia

Although the causes of this birth defect are not known for sure, it is believed that genetic changes and certain medicines taken during pregnancy may play a part. Some studies have found that Accutane (an acne medication) and Clomid (a fertility treatment) increase the chances significantly for certain birth defects such as these. Other links include:

  • Mothers with Diabetes have an increased risk
  • Pregnant women with a diet of folic acid and lower carbohydrates have an increased risk

Treatment of Microtia and Anotia

Depending upon the severity of the abnormality, an audiologist or surgeon may suggest any number of possible treatment options. A hearing aid may be suggested and/or surgery may be performed to construct external ear structures. Depending upon the level of defect, surgery is often performed on sufferers between the ages of four and ten.

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