Infant Omphalocele Lawyers in Chicago

Infant feetIn only about one out of every 5,000 live births, an omphalocele (also known as exomphalos) occurs. This congenital birth defect is somewhat similar to gastroschisis in that it involves a malformation of the abdominal wall.

During pregnancy, it is normal for fetal organs to develop on the outside of the abdomen. However, if they do not subsequently return to the abdomen, then an omphalocele may happen. This is when organs (such as the liver, intestines, or others) develop outside of the abdomen inside of a transparent sac located right at the base of the umbilical cord.

Certain classes of antidepressant drugs are now linked to omphalocele – a condition in which the portions of a baby’s abdominal contents have grown in an umbilical cord sac outside the body during gestation. If your child was born with omphalocele, the Chicago birth injury lawyers of Sexner Injury Lawyers LLC may be able to help secure help for your child’s future. Contact us at (312) 243-9922 for a free consultation.

Potential Medical Problems Tied to Omphalocele

Because the baby’s body is developing without certain organs contained inside, the abdominal cavity may not grow to a normal size. Other potential problems such as infection may occur, especially in circumstances when the sac becomes broken. Decreased blood flow may also result from an organ becoming twisted or pinched, and damage may be the result.

Causes of Omphalocele

Although pinpointing the exact cause of any congenital birth defect is always somewhat uncertain, there are risk factors and causes that seem to be linked to the presence of an omphalocele. These causes may include:

  • Tobacco and alcohol use: Heavy smokers and alcohol users are more at risk to have a baby with this medical condition.
  • Obesity: Those mothers who were overweight or obese before becoming pregnant are more at risk as well.
  • Particular medications: Users of SSRIs (serotonin-reuptake inhibitors) such as Paxil or Zoloft are also more at risk.

Medical Malpractice Claims for Omphalocele

Sometimes, an omphalocele happens for unknown reasons. But other times, this congenital birth defect may be the result of medical malpractice when certain drugs are prescribed (or not advised against) during the pregnancy. In such circumstances, an experienced injury attorney can file a lawsuit demanding compensation to help reduce the financial burden on the family.

Medical malpractice may also occur when a doctor fails to correctly perform diagnostic testing such as ultrasound during the pregnancy and the abnormality is either misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. This failure may complicate the baby’s medical condition, leading to additional problems. Lastly, a doctor or surgeon may commit negligence when he or she fails to properly treat or properly perform surgery on this abnormality.

In essence, whenever a medical provider has either contributed to the occurrence of the birth defect, failed to diagnose it correctly, or failed to treat it properly after birth, medical malpractice has likely occurred and a lawsuit may be the best choice to pursue justice.

Reach Out to a Chicago Infant Omphalocele Attorney for Help

Congenital birth defects affect thousands of babies every year. If you think that your doctor could have prevented, or should have known or alerted you to your child’s prenatal condition and was negligent in not doing so, contact a Chicago medical malpractice attorney at Sexner Injury Lawyers LLC. For more than 25 years, our attorneys have been helping families through tough situations and getting the maximum financial compensation to help ease their burden. Millions have been collected and no fees apply unless we are successful on your behalf. Call us now at (312) 243-9922 for free information 24 hours a day.

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